What do I write? What can anyone write about, except what stirs their passion? What stirs my passion? Any passion? Sunny days in spring? Where the sun brushes against you and warms your soul? Cold winter nights? Where the wind grips at your heart and shows you the essence of absence? Yes.  What about the love of a family? Where bonds are not broken, but grow stronger as the seasons change? Or loss? What about loss of everything that is held dear and leaves us feeling like nothing will ever be the same?  Yes.  In all of the senses there is beauty.  All emotions, both joy and pain, can be exquisite. At the essence of every season there is situation. At the essence of every situation there is emotion. At the essence of every emotion there is passion.  What stirs my passion to the point where I must express, in some way, to other? My passions are stirred by passion itself.  What hope can anyone have but to attempt to mirror or mimick the emotions inflicted upon themselves and others.  When the heart allows; sentences. When sentences fail; poems. Where words fail altogether; music.  But in all expression there must be passion. 

It’s late and my mind is wonky.  I apologize for how it is reflected in my posts. 


I just started a philosophy class this semester that I am very excited about.  I was doing a bit of the homework and it go me to thinking (undoubtedly the intention of the assignment.)  I can state with the confidence of a 100% fact that King Solomon was the greatest philosopher that ever lived.  This man was given wisdom from God.  He very well may have discovered the answers to riddles that have plagued thinkers for thousands of years.  However, he did not tell us any of those things.  He chose instead to write about what he felt was most important: how to live for God.  

In my opinion the Gospel is the most important piece of wisdom the world will ever know.  In the grand scheme of things, it is the only important piece of wisdom.  There are other branches of philosophy they may be very helpful and true here on earth, but they will pass away. “Everything is dust in the wind.”  I am not saying that it is not worth while to think about other areas that might be able to benefit mankind, as long as we remember that all human wisdom is foolishness to God. 

I Corinthians 3:18-20

 18 Do not deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become “fools” so that you may become wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”[a]20 and again, “The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile.”




Where did they find a picture of tucker price in a vader costume?

one of my friends posted this. lol




Where did they find a picture of tucker price in a vader costume?

one of my friends posted this. lol

That moment when you’re reading a book and you read a sentence that contains the title of the book:

Turkey Break Plans

I’m ready for some Thanksgiving break.  I have some big plans. Lol  I hope to get a little work back home so I can replenish my stash.  I’ve been a little spend happy this semester.  I still have plenty but I have been pinching my pennies so I don’t have quite as much breathing room as I would like. 

I plan on relaxing while I’m not working though.  I need some time to just do nothing…… except look over my Greek flash cards.  I’m ready to not have to do that.  But it won’t be too bad. 

I also hope to see Taylor Renfroe.  The only things I am willing to take a trip home to see are my family, my home congregation, and Taylor Renfroe.  I don’t have enough time to write about that.  You just have to get to know her. Lol

Then the day after Thanksgiving I’m headed to Nashville to see Joe Bonomassa in concert with my friends Taylor Johnson and Eric Zuller.  I’ve only ever seen one other band in concert before so I’m pretty excited to branch out.  He is an epic blues player.  We’re going to meet up in Clarksville and then head to the concert and then back to Clarksville to stay the night at Taylor’s house.  It’s gonna be one wild ride. 

Greek, Wings, Shelby, and Horn

Today has been pretty awesome so far.  I only have one class on Fridays.  I woke up at 8:30 and there was hot water in my shower.  That is pretty consistent now, but I appreciate it a lot more now that we have had our shortages.  Greek went pretty well today.  Chapel was fairly interesting.  An author alumni can and spoke.  It was pretty entertaining. J

Then something wonderful happened at lunch.  Back when we had Aramark we had hot wings in Gano every Friday.   They were really good. I looked forward to them all week.  With Sodexo I thought we had lost that.  But we had them today! Apparently they are doing them every other Friday.  They are the exact same as the old wings and that is great news. 

The best part of the day so far is getting to see Shelby Jumper now that she is back from Belgium.  She got me and epic little horn from Switzerland (my favorite country in the world)  It’s just really great to see a friend when you haven’t seen them in a long time. 

I hope the rest of the day lives up to the excellent standard my morning and post lunch period have set.  

Ramble On

I really wish the weather would decide if it were going to be nice or cold.  I finally got my winter gear (including the mammoth jacket) and now it is sunny and pleasant.  I’m ready for some cold weather.  Nothing makes me feel more alert than a cold dark night.  And nothing makes me feel more comfortable than being warm in bed and know that the temp. is below freezing outside.  It really makes me thankful for what I have. 

I am tired of getting smacked in the face by leaves.  I hope we get a big snow like the one we had last year. That was so much fun.  It was a great excuse to get outside during the winter.  The campus always looks so dead during the winter.  No one goes outside when it’s cold.  I do like the colder weather though.  I think I was made to be warm and fuzzy.  I was built for comfort and not for speed.  But I digress. 

Ramble on.  It is a really pretty day outside.  It’s a great day to play some music in the commons.  I’m probably gonna go get the mando here soon.  I need to have some fun before I buckle down to start writing those papers this weekend. 


So about the song. I was playing it a week or two ago and I busted a couple strings on my Mando. I was distraught. So I went home and got my spare strings and my electric. I also busted the strings on the electric while playing the song. I put way to much energy into this song to play it on old strings. My friend and I tried put the spares on the acoustic. But the strings have a ball on the end instead of a loop so they won’t actually fit. Hahaha I am resolved to head to the music garage here in Henderson. I’ll get new strings and put a good ending on it. Hopefully new strings will stand up better than the old ones. I miss my mando. I need to learn how to play a song called Ellis Island. We played in orchestra in High School. It sounds really cool on mando. I can’t remember where I put the music though. It’s supposed to tell the story of an immigrant coming to America. From the sound of it he’s coming from Ireland. I really like the Irish fold music. It makes me proud that I have Irish in me. I need to find a kilt. lol

Tale of a Hero: Inheritance

I don’t get excited about many books.  I never really got into the habit of reading for pleasure.  Kind of odd when you consider my love of stories hahaha.    But I find myself waiting years to complete one series.  It all started in Junior High when a friend recommended a book to me.  I hadn’t really planned on reading it, but he forced it into my hands and told me to return it whenever I was done.  I started reading it not expecting much.  But it was great.  I became one with a young boy named Eragon and road on his dragon on a journey to take down a black empire ruled by an evil king. Together we slew the evil shade who did the king’s bidding.   It was an excellent read.

A year or two later the second book came out and I picked it up as well.  I learned with Eragon.  I learned about the history and philosophy of the Dragon Riders.  I grew in knowledge and wisdom with him.  My skills increased with his.  Together we were transformed from a wounded boy to a full fledged Rider.  We discovered our brother and how he had fallen under the control of the evil king and we mourned his loss and the loss of the sword he took from us.  Our Rider’s Sword. 

Years later in High School I drug my girlfriend to the book store in the city near ours.  She reads the books too (Awesome) so it wasn’t terrible for her.  My friend and I avenged our father by killing his monster assassins.  We battled our brother as he used our sword but he escaped.  We helped our dwarven friend become king so that he might give us aid.  And we returned to the smith of the elves and helped her make us a new sword, Brisingr, so that we might be whole again.  And together we mourned the loss of our master, our teacher in the ways of the Riders, when our brother slew him.

Now I’m waiting for the final book.  I need closure. I know this sounds pretty nerdy. I’m ok with that.  What’s the point in reading something you could do in real life anyway? Read big. J

The Burden of Prayer

It is really amazing how often shame can turn into a new wonderful outlook on life.  I hate to admit it, but my prayer life has never been what it should be.  Just recently it has started getting better.  I will talk to God for no reason, but just because I know He would like to hear from me and I would like to hear from Him.  Most of my prayers now aren’t more than a few sentences.  I will feel the sun on my face and thank God for it.  I will get discouraged about something and ask God for strength.  It feels good and reminds me that God is there for me all of the time.  I’m not trying to brag by any means.  My prayer life is still far from what it should be.  I have been having a big problem with it lately, actually.  There are several people who need prayers.  Brothers and sisters are always having health problems or spiritual struggles and will ask their church family to go to God on their behalf.  This is an excellent practice indeed, but sometimes there just seem to be too many.  I will here from someone and think, “Oh no. Another person to remember.”  This is an absolutely despicable way of thinking and I ask your forgiveness and the forgiveness of God for allowing Satan to twist my mind in this way.  I have been seeing my prayer life as a burden instead of a privilege.  I have been seeing prayer requests as a To Do list instead of an opportunity to speak to God and an opportunity to help a friend.  I have been praying for God to open my eyes to the way that I need to be and to help me be a better and more loving child.  Even though I may have sinned against some of you in this same manner, I hope that you could find it in your heart to go to God on my behalf and ask that I might be a stronger Christian.  God loves you and so do I.